Parents’ Rights in Education – Starting an Affiliate Document

Role of a Local Affiliate Leader

The leader of a Parents’ Rights in Education group within a specific geographical area within a state.

Local Affiliate Leader Responsibilities

1. Know your local issues related to parents’ rights and take local action


● Testify at school board meetings

● Host local events related to parents’ rights issues

2. Communicate with your state’s lead affiliate


Contact information for the lead affiliate within your state can be found on your state’s local affiliate page in the first box on the left (Red Box)

3. Submit information about local issues to Parents’ Rights in Education National


● Use the following links to submit information

   – Contact Us

   – Video Testimony

.  – Tips

      ‣ Events

      ‣ Articles

      ‣ Legislation

      ‣ News


4. Encourage Members to Take Training Courses


Training Courses can be found at our Parent Training Center

5. Recruit Club 12 x 12 Members


An affiliate with less than 12 Club 12 x 12 members is an “Affiliate”

An affiliate with 12+ Club 12 x 12 members is a “Club Affiliate”

Club Affiliates will have a badge signify their Club Affiliate status on the Parents’ Rights in Education national website

Allocation of resources is based on Club Affiliate Status

Club Affiliates receive increased promotion of local issues on website and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) by national

6. Find candidates for Parents’ Rights in Education Endorsements


Find candidates running for elected positions that align with Parents’ Rights in Education

Reach out and invite them to fill out our Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire


7. Create a Facebook Group Page (Optional)


Affiliates may create and manage a Facebook group

Affiliates must invite Parents’ Rights in Education national to be a group member

Affiliates must give national page access by using the Facebook Group Administrator Instructions

Affiliates may not create Facebook pages

8. Press/Media Opportunities


All formal media/press inquiries & communications where any member is speaking on behalf of Parents’ Rights in Education must be sent to National for review/edit/approval prior to enactment. To ensure efficiency, we must be able to make a final decision without extensive explanation required. 


Our procedure for handling press/media opportunities is as follows:


Send inquiries to:

National will expedite responses with decision on all inquiries

Responses may include but are not limited to:

– Yes: Approve direct communication by member to media/press as proposed

– Yes-But: Edit and/or propose an alternate response approved to be handled by member.

– No: National assumes responsibility to handle the proposed official communication.

9. Record Keeping, Reporting, and Inspection

Affiliates are required to issue an annual summary report of activities to Parents’ Rights in Education national, by December 31st

Parents Rights in Education national may inspect affiliate records upon reasonable request

● All records should be sent to Parents’ Rights in Education Director, Suzanne Gallagher, at

Affiliate Credentials/ Contact Information

1. Affiliate Email


Once an affiliate is approved, they will get notified about their official Parents’ Rights in Education email from

State affiliate leaders get emails with the following format:


Local affiliate leaders get forwarding emails with the following format:


● Emails will be forwarded to the personal email address an affiliate provides to national

2. State Facebook Page


State affiliate leaders may co – manage their state’s Facebook page with national

State leaders must already have a Facebook account to co-manage a state Facebook page

To request management access, please email

Items to include in email:

                 ○ Full Name

                 ○ State

                 ○ Email linked to an existing Facebook account

Once national receives an email, it will add state leaders as administrators to state Facebook pages

State leaders will be notified when they have been granted administrator access by email from