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Drag Queen story hour is a cultural experience that should be mandatory in every elementary school.

School-based health clinics should be required to get parental permission before providing treatments and medical referrals to students.

Schools should inform parents if their child requests to go by a different pronoun, even if the child asks the school not to notify parents.

Public schools and health classes should teach students that men can be pregnant.

Schools should teach that the United States was founded as a slave colony in 1619.

Schools should make students calculate their White privilege.

Students should be allowed to go into the bathroom that matches their self-described gender identity.

Schools should have an 'opt in' policy for Comprehensive Sexual Education and surveys/questionnaires regarding a student’s health, sex/sexuality, and family issues.

Parents should be notified when their child visits a school Counselor/Psychologist.

K- 12 libraries should have books that focus on sexually explicit LGBTQ+ themes.

I would feel very comfortable if I saw this sticker in my child’s classroom.

Schools should utilize restorative justice and discipline students based on their level of privilege and historical class oppression.

K-12 students should be allowed to play on sports teams that match their self-described gender identity.

Parents should be allowed to view their child’s curriculum at any time.

Schools should teach race-biased courses in K - 12 schools.

School health clinics should be allowed to provide prescription drugs to students without parental consent.

Schools should be allowed to refer minor students for puberty blocking drugs or gender reassignment surgery without parental consent.

Books such as Lawn Boy, that depicts sexual acts between two ten year old boys, should be allowed in K-12 schools.

Schools should notify parents if their child is involved in a physical altercation.

Parental involvement is crucial to a students’ success in school.


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