Club 12 x 12

Parents’ Rights In Education is a grassroots movement of millions of Parents and allies standing together, speaking as one, to protect children and ensure parents’ crucial role in their child’s education is protected.
We are obligated to the next generation to ensure they get a real education that prepares them to think critically and face any challenge they may face. This movement requires everyone to do their part, so we created the Club 12 x 12 . For just $12 a month, you can sign up to become a Club 12 x 12 member and help us continue our work on training, informing, and empowering parents and allies to stand up for their rights.


Taking Deliberate Action to Protect Your Rights

By joining Club 12 x 12, you are doing your part to protect parents’ rights for one more day!


In addition to our multi-lesson training courses, Club 12 x 12 members get exclusive access to monthly Zoom training sessions to receive one-on-one instruction and get their questions answered.


Club 12 x 12 members get exclusive deals on tickets and packages to Parents' Rights in Education events.

Monthly Newsletter

Find out what Parents’ Rights in Education has in store for the coming month, including trainings, events, and more.


Get Parents’ Rights in Education SWAG, including hats, t-shirts, buttons, and more! (Items may vary).

What is Club 12x12? Watch video below