Candidate Questionnaire

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Please complete the form below to be considered for endorsement by Parents’ Rights in Education Political Action Committee. 


    Do you believe children belong to their familial unit, and should be raised by their family with little state interference?

    Do you support the following statement? Teachers, counselors, administrators, and school board members shall honor the constitutional and statutory rights of parents/guardians affirming the parent-child relationship?

    Do you believe it is the role of the department of education, and/or public schools to be the arbiter or teacher of morality in K-12 education?

    Do you support school-based health clinics, providing treatments and referrals without parent knowledge or permission?

    Do you support student surveys or questionnaires asking personal responses to medical, social, sexuality, and family issues?

    Do you support OPT-IN instead OPT-OUT policies for CSE, student surveys, and other controversial curricula and activities?

    Do you believe all students have the right to have their viewpoints expressed, respected, and allowed on an equal basis on school property, and within the classroom?