The Emperor Has No Clothes, New or Otherwise

Schools Deceive Students, Now Using Violence to Get Respect


The video of a Hazelbrook Middle School boy snatching a girl by her backpack, then beating and throwing her around by her hair went viral.  “Talk sh*t again b*tch!” screamed the boy.


District leaders are destroying schools by implementing experimental programs and lying to students about their sexuality.  Beating up another student is never justified, but Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD) students seem to think so.  Why?  Boy beats up female classmate.  He dresses like a girl and claims transgender status and privilege because the school told him so.


Schools are teaching children, it’s a virtue to lie. 

We are told the emperor has beautiful clothes, even though he’s clearly naked.  We are compelled to agree or be banned from civil society.  We know boys are not and cannot be girls.  Yet, we are instructed to acknowledge this lie as truth.


Parents’ Rights in Education is here to stand up for the truths necessary for our society to function.  Boys and girls ARE different.  Schools, by teaching kids there are unlimited genders, beginning in Kindergarten, are lying about the reality of biological sex.  They are telling our kids the naked emperor is fully clothed!


Social Contagion is real. 

Celebrate Diversity’ has arrived at its natural conclusion where ‘different’ is ‘special’ and ‘normal’ is ‘oppressive.’  What did we think would happen?  Students are force-fed propaganda about all social norms being extensions of ‘privilege, patriarchy and systemic oppression,’ while simultaneously rewarding those claiming ‘special’ status due to inherited victimhood.  It’s pure nonsense, and the outcome is right in front of us.


Who Holds Unruly Students Accountable?

Sue Rieke-Smith, TTSD Superintendent proudly admits to using Restorative Justice (RJ) discipline and  forgoing a “zero tolerance” policy for violence.

A Hazelbrook teacher wrote, “RJ allows students to do whatever they want, and the district makes it impossible to give students consequences.  Kids aren’t learning because teachers have to monitor the halls. Families and quality educators are leaving because the district won’t listen.”


Our Community Deserves Better! School Board Directors, directly accountable to the community, voted to implement these radical policies.  Admit it, the experiment failed.  Replace the School Board.  Fire Rieke-Smith.  Restore local control.  Stop messing with our kids.  It ends here.


Suzanne Gallagher

National Director, Parents’ Rights In Education

40-year Tigard, Oregon Resident