STOP Messing With Our Kids!

OP-ED, March 30, 2023

K-12 Public School Activism Responsible for Tennessee School Murders


by Suzanne Gallagher, Parents’ Rights in Education



Parents’ Rights in Education (PRE) is opposed to the teaching and promotion of Gender Identity beginning in kindergarten. Unfortunately, the Nashville, Tennessee school shooting this week is an outgrowth of the activism now present in most public schools across the country.


The Tennessee shooter, a confused young adult female, was in counseling. According to Nashville’s chief of police, John Drake, investigators believed the shooting stemmed from “some resentment” the suspect harbored “for having to go to that school” as a younger person. We want to know what advice she was getting.


School counselors and psychologists today, encourage parents to begin social transitioning in kindergarten. Parents are bombarded with the message their children should be encouraged to explore their “real identity.” I recently received a call from a concerned father whose five-year-old son was seen by the Philomath, Oregon grade school psychologist, who recommended Dad consider “social transitioning.” Although Dad and son discussed biological reality, his son was influenced by female siblings to wear long hair and feminine clothing. Dad needed to be reminded he is the father and has the right to mentor his son. What if he had not contacted PRE?


What seemed like an effort to protect individuals struggling with “gender dysphoria,” has rapidly developed into a highly volatile political issue, and minor children are the target. Parents’ rights to direct the education of their minor children, and manage their healthcare decisions, have been stolen and sacrificed on the altar of Gender Identity Rights. These are pseudo “rights” fabricated out of a false premise. Humans cannot medically change their sex.


The average voter is unaware of the purposeful solicitation and recruitment of minors by public school staff and volunteers to change their sex. Students are inundated with messages about their “gender identity” rights daily. National Education Association member teachers wear badges encouraging students to seek them out for one-on-one counseling about sexuality and gender identity. In addition, LGBTQIA++ activist teachers adorn their classrooms with Gay Pride, Transgender, and Black Lives Matter political flags and posters.


Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Clubs, a project of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, are now in K-12 schools. GSA Network is a political organization using local public school districts as distribution centers for their trans political agenda to “leverage the collective power of thousands of trans and queer young people in the United States who connect with us through our network. ”Parents are not informed of their child’s membership in these clubs. Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage, confirms the influence of these clubs in decisions students are making to explore gender transition. PRE featured a parent speaker whose daughter was influenced to change her sex at age 14 because of her GSA Club’s friend’s decision to do the same. As independent journalists Colin Wright and Christina Buttons have documented, many teachers who serve as adult ‘advisors’ to these clubs are intentionally concealing the sexual and political nature of their activities from parents, deliberately misleading families with vague language about ‘acceptance, tolerance, diversity, and identity.’” If parents do not support their child’s “transition” at school, they will likely be reported to Child Protective Services.


The GSA Network has re-defined freedom, motivating “vulnerable trans and queer youth to advocate for racial and gender justice.” According to their new mission launched in March, Devising Freedom’s national strategy “will intentionally work to combat the harmful effects of anti-trans legislation and executive orders that have emerged in at least 22 states across the country, and continue to target young people in their schools, their homes, and their communities.” Their plan to “cultivate a strong, youth-led movement” and “cultivate a practice of visionary leadership,” should raise concern from anyone understanding the real meaning of freedom.


Families are shocked to learn they no longer have the right to be present when their children are counseled at school. The Oregon Department of Education recently announced the publication of a new and expanded document celebrating gender expansive students. Oregon, by passing HB 2002, plans to set up gender affirming clinics providing mental and physical treatments, including surgeries, throughout the state, serving anyone (even out of state visitors) questioning their biological sex, all on demand at taxpayer expense, and without parent consent.


School Administrators say the role of a school is “to guarantee each and every student (person) a feeling of acceptance, recognition, respect, affirmation, friendship, joy belonging, and safety.” Most students do not feel that way, and if possible, are leaving public schools because of the biased and discriminatory education policies obsessed with sexuality. Trans recruitment and indoctrination in K-12 schools stops here.