Political Activist’s Insidious Exploitation of Students in Newberg OR Schools

NEWBERG, OR— Insidious activities by Activists in Newberg schools have parents outraged, and the pro-parents group Parents Rights’ In Education is sounding the alarm. PRIE’s Executive Director was alerted to a disturbing video promoted by local political activists.

The video, captured during a so-called “drag show,” reveals adults giving cash to a student while the student performed in lingerie. The student currently attends Newberg High School.

This event was hosted by Newberg Activist #1, who runs a children’s dance studio as an after-school program paid for by taxpayer money.

Newberg Activist #1, and City of Newberg Councilor, founded the Community Wellness Collective, a non-profit health clinic inside Newberg High School. Newberg Activist #1 is CEO of the center. Although she is not a certified counselor, teacher, or school staffer, she has unlimited access to students of all ages, including the most vulnerable students.