Opinion Article: “K-12 Education is The New Political Battleground!”

2022’s political battleground is K-12 Education. What’s the danger to our nation due to the K-12 public school union takeover? The fight is not just to resurrect education, but to halt the eventual destruction of the Constitutional United States of America.
In the early ‘90s, a distinct strategy by school administrators, staff, and school boards to dodge parents became apparent. Unfortunately, at that time, convincing other parents to take action was problematic.
By 2018 parents were mostly unaware of controversial curriculum content. More astonishing, they did not know local schools were government bureaucracies governed by an elected board. And, few knew of the process available to them for airing grievances.
The sad reality is, most young adults today are ignorant about government, civics, and history. Even though state laws require teaching US history/Constitution annually in grades 8-12, U.S. exceptionalism is omitted in favor of globalism, and social/restorative justice.
Our nations’ public institutions have been conned into promoting their own destruction, and the citizens foot the bill.  Students are taught the United States is evil, questioning the motive of the founders’ revolution against a tyrannical government. Individual freedom has been replaced with love of the “collective,” and hate for capitalism. With Critical Race Theory actively promoted, students are becoming militant activists protesting everything from free speech, to “rights” for menstrual freedom.
Recently, the National School Board Association (NSBA) in concert with the National Education Association (NEA) made it clear, in a letter to the President, “news of extremist hate organizations showing up at school board meetings is being reported,…this is a critical time for a proactive approach to deal with this difficult issue.” They called for, “an Executive Order to enforce all applicable federal laws.” This extreme allegation and mischaracterization  of parents/citizens, using their free speech rights is proof parents are not welcome in the policy making process!